Managing Your Project

We provide cost and timeline estimates for every project so that our clients are empowered and in charge at all times. If the scope of a project changes, we ensure our clients are aware of any impact on the original estimates.

Everything we need to do to produce an outstanding outcome is factored into the estimate.

First, we take a look at the project to determine context and whether or not any research will be required.

Then we ask: what exactly is being said here? That’s why we insist so much on “decoding” meaning… looking past the words and focusing on what the copy is saying and implying.

Finally, we need to determine the tone of the copy. Is the voice masculine or feminine? Empathetic, authoritative, or playful? Is it a storytelling voice or a conversational voice? We need to know who we’re talking to and what the relationship is to them to ensure we’re capturing all the nuances in the original.