Our Approach

…more than just words.

With every project, we strive to provide great adaptations that go far beyond simple word-for-word translations. Great adaptations convey not only the meaning behind the words, but also the emotions they evoke in the reader. We believe that authentic storytelling breeds evocative copy.

We partner with a wide range of businesses, agencies and brands working on all kinds of projects: advertising campaigns, sales presentations, product packaging, marketing collateral, and so on.

We do background research and work with you to fully understand the context of a particular assignment. Fast, reliable service is our hallmark.

We keep it real by insisting that our staff live in Quebec so that we can stay immersed in the culture and trends.

Attention to detail comes in many different forms. The brands we serve are like children to us because we’ve spent so many years as their voice. We archive every campaign and keep a watchful eye to ensure new ads are carrying consistent phrases and taglines… similar to making sure everyone has their lunch and bookbags before leaving for school.