The dēcodr Manifesto

We do GREAT work that sets the standard.

We are RESPONSIVE. Our communications are prompt, clear and helpful. We provide unambiguous answers and thoughtful, carefully considered creative decisions, based on a magic formula of taste and market knowledge. We follow up before the client thinks to follow up. We take the initiative to ensure clarity and consistency in everything we do. We deliver the goods.

We are PROACTIVE. We take charge, take responsibility and get things done. We anticipate the consequences of our creative decisions on our clients' business, and we provide thoughtful, insightful counsel. We ask probing questions. We clarify what's unclear. We provide options and recommendations along with the context required to completely understand them

We are HELPFUL beyond what is merely asked. We anticipate problems and solve them before they become problems. In so doing, we find solutions to problems our clients didn't even know they had. We help our clients as though their business was our business. We are committed to helping them succeed in and look good to their clients and stakeholders.

We are DEPENDABLE. Our clients know exactly what they are getting with us: impeccable service and a great translation that delivers results. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and service. We help our clients sleep better at night knowing we are managing the French side of things.

We are ALERT. We keep close watch on culture, trends and what is happening in the French-Canadian marketplace so that the TONE and STYLE of our work is always RELEVANT. We stay up to date on tools, technology and ways of managing workflow that improve the quality of our work and maintain our level of service.


Some inspiration we love, by Ray Dalio and the guiding philosophy of his firm (Bridgewater), as quoted in his book, Principles:

“Bridgewater is not about plodding along at some kind of moderate standard, it is about working like hell to achieve a standard that is extraordinarily high, and then getting the satisfaction that comes along with that sort of super-achievement.

Our overriding objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement, a superb and constantly improving company in all respects.

Conflict in the pursuit of excellence is a terrific thing There should be no hierarchy based on age or seniority. Power should lie in the reasoning, not the position, of the individual. The best ideas win no matter who they come from.

Criticism (by oneself and by others) is an essential ingredient in the improvement process, yet, if handled incorrectly, can be destructive. It should be handled objectively. There should be no hierarchy in the giving or receiving of criticism.

Teamwork and team spirit are essential, including intolerance of substandard performance. This is referring to 1) one’s recognition of the responsibilities one has to help the team achieve its common goals and 2) the willingness to help others (work within a group) toward these common goals. Our fates are intertwined. One should know that others can be relied upon to help. As a corollary, substandard performance cannot be tolerated anywhere because it would hurt everyone.