Translation / Copywriting

… where what’s between the lines is as important as what’s on them.

Much more than a simple word-for-word translation, a good adaptation is faithful to the original text, elegant to read, and emotionally evocative.

To properly adapt advertising and marketing copy, we start from the ground up. Where the original English expression, pun or rhyme has no equivalent in French, a different — but equivalent — expression, pun or rhyme must be used.

A mediocre adaptation translates merely the words in the original text; a good adaptation conveys the intent of the original text; and an outstanding adaptation reads like fresh copy: it recreates in the mind of the reader the same emotion as when reading the original, while leaving no trace of the translation process.


Mercedes-Benz // C-Class

Category: Automotive
Client: Mercedes-Benz Canada // C-Class
Agency: kenna
Platforms: Microsite

Communication Objective: To generate excitement for the Canadian launch of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, allow consumers to price and configure a C-Class vehicle, and locate their nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Execution: An engaging microsite was created with information about performance and safety features. Working closely with the agency, we adapted the copy into French while conveying the brand’s tone and personality and ensuring consistency with client’s existing marketing collateral.


NFL Virtual Tailgate

Category: Professional sports, Food and drink
Client: National Football League, Pinty’s Wings, Nestle
Agency: Capital C (now kbs+)
Platforms: Microsite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Communication Objective: To generate awareness of Pinty’s Wings BBQ sauce with a Superbowl-themed “Virtual Tailgate” and offer participants the chance to have their BBQ sauce recipe bottled by Pinty’s, as well as win a KitKat prize pack or tickets to the Superbowl.

Execution: An NFL-themed “Virtual Tailgate” microsite was created where participants submitted their BBQ sauce recipe and photos of their Tailgate in order to win different prizes. We adapted the copy into French to drive engagement on different social networks and encourage participants to enter the contest.


adidas // Student Style Battle

Category: Apparel
Client: adidas
Agency: isobar
Platforms: Microsite, social networks

Communication Objective: An online lookbook browser to engage college and university students in the creation of men’s and women’s “looks” using adidas apparel.

Execution: Looks were voted on by other users of the site, and at the conclusion of the five-phase campaign, one winning look was chosen based on popularity, with both the participant and their school receiving a grand prize. A variety of secondary prizes were also awarded for the runners-up.


Johnnie Walker Double Black

Category: Beverage alcohol
Client: Diageo Canada // Johnnie Walker Double Black
Platforms: Product packaging

Communication Objective: To create Canadian-compliant product packaging for Double Black, the latest line extension in the iconic Johnnie Walker family of whiskies.

Execution: Working with the brand and compliance teams, we delivered a careful and thoughtful French translation of the carton and label copy that communicates the product’s premium character and its edgier, bolder personality.


#FiveStarProblems Memes

Category: Stationery and school supplies
Client: Hilroy // Five Star
Agency: OneMethod
Platforms: Tumblr

Communication Objective: To generate awareness among high school-aged students of the Five Star line of school supplies through a series of humorous memes and a contest to win a scholarship.

Execution: A series of memes were generated with the #FiveStarProblems hashtag relating to high school life. Adapting these to Quebec French required an especially creative approach to recreate the humour and the light, self-deprecating tone of the English.


Columbia Sportswear // Omni-Freeze Zero Tour

Category: Apparel
Client: Columbia Sportswear // Omni-Freeze Zero
Agency: Burst XMG
Platforms: Facebook, experiential

Communication Objective: To generate awareness and consumer trial of Columbia’s Omni-Freeze Zero sports fabric and its sweat-activated cooling technology.

Execution: Users entered a contest on Facebook for a chance to win a summer adventure trip, and were introduced to the Omni-Freeze Zero tour, an experiential component executed at various festivals and public events across Canada where participants could try on a sleeve made of Omni-Freeze Zero fabric while playing an engaging video game.


LG Electronics // Power Up Your Life

Category: Consumer electronics
Client: LG Electronics // Optimus Smartphones
Agency: kenna
Platforms: Microsite, product website, social networks

Communication Objective: To create excitement about the unique features and specifications of the new line of LG Optimus smartphones.

Execution: In addition to a informational product website, an online game was created to further drive engagement. Inspired by vintage arcade and console video games, “Power Up Your Life” invited users on an online scavenger hunt in order to unlock “power-ups” and gain points that would qualify them for a grand prize.


Oetker Moments

Category: Pre-packaged foods
Client: Dr. Oetker // Casa di Mama, Ristorante, Panebello Pizzas // Shaker, Shirriff Desserts
Agency: kenna
Platforms: Email newsletter, Facebook brand page, product website, SEM keyword ads

Communication Objective: To create a useful online resource presented in the brand’s friendly and family-centric voice.

Execution: An informational website that combines time-saving recipes, new product information, and food/drink pairings. A monthly newsletter, frequent Facebook wall posts and product-themed contests throughout the year further drive engagement.


Tanqueray: Three Glasses

Category: Beverage alcohol
Client: Diageo Canada // Tanqueray
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy // JWT
Platforms: TV, OOH

Communication Objective: Activation of the legendary Tanqueray Gin brand around the global tagline: “Resist Simple”.

Execution: Working closely with the brand manager, agency of record, and the production house, the global creative was re-translated for the French-Canadian market to recapture the fun and energy of the original spot.