Voice Direction

… giving a voice to your message

An effective spot combines two potent ingredients: a script that’s adapted to be spoken aloud rather than read, and a credible performance by the actors voicing the script.

We work with you at every step of the way to help you deliver a message that works: from ensuring the script sounds natural when voiced by a native French speaker, to casting the right actor, to giving thoughtful and constructive direction during the recording, to being on top of the details of delivery and approvals after the session has wrapped.


“Reverse Decision”

Rogers "Reverse Decision" Radio spot

Category: Telecommunications
Client: Rogers // Bundled TV, Internet and Home Phone services
Agency: Publicis // Keen Music
Media: Radio

Communication Objective: To create awareness for a variety of discounts when signing up for a bundle of services.

Execution: Springboarding off a successful series of “Rogers Tech Talk”-themed radio spots, this French commercial production required a delicate touch since the translation as provided was accurate, yet sounded a little stilted when voiced by the actors. Providing insight and rationale for each creative decision, we worked with the client and the agency to rephrase parts of the script, and directed the French voice talent to deliver the same fun and sense of urgency as in the original English recording.

Play Rogers : Reverse Decision French Radio Spot


"Healthy Canadians" Government of Canada Website
Category: Public Sector
Client: Government of Canada // HealthyCanadians.ca
Agency: Quiller and Blake // Keen Music
Media: Radio

Communication Objective: To create awareness of a new Canadian government website for consumers to find health & safety information online.

Execution: A two-tiered process involving edits of three scripts aimed at the French-Canadian market featuring different situational themes that would undergo consumer testing. Meticulous casting and pre-production coaching with the French voiceover talent yielded three spots with an eventual winner that was re-recorded for final production. Another round of talent direction and script modifications was required to finish the work for broadcast.

Play Healthy Canadians : French Radio Spot


“Winter Room”

Carrier Cool TV Spot Carrier Cool TV Spot Carrier Cool TV Spot
Category: Home Comfort
Client: Carrier
Agency: Tenzing Communications
Media: TV

Communication Objective: To raise awareness of Carrier home heating and cooling products in the French-Canadian marketplace.

Execution: Using existing visual creative, a Quebec-specific TV spot was created to highlight energy savings and a special rebate offer. Working closely with client and the agency of record, we translated the voiceover and directed the talent to deliver a performance to capture the warmth of the original English TV commercial.


“Thanks, Dad”

Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA TV Spot Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA TV Spot Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA TV Spot
Category: Automotive
Client: OSRAM Sylvania  // SilverStar ULTRA Headlights
Agency: Tenzing Communications
Media: TV

Communication Objective: To demonstrate the safety and performance benefits of the SilverStar ULTRA line of automotive headlights.

Execution: Using an existing spot that aired in the US, a French script was carefully created that would communicate the same product message as the original. The actor was coached to perform the script in a confident but approachable tone, in keeping with the values of the brand and guidance provided by the agency.



Bosch Appliances

Laundry units Dishwasher Boiling pot

Category: Consumer Appliances
Client: Bosch Canada
Agency: Naked Impressions // Keen Music
Media: TV, Radio, Microsite

Communication Objective: A multi-year, multi-platform campaign to create awareness of product features as well as several different consumer promotions.

Execution: This assignment involved a reworking of the scripts to make them sound more natural when spoken, as well as casting and voice direction. We were seeking the “voice of Bosch” to create two very specific branded characters. Radio poolouts needed to synergize with the television ads over the length of this campaign.


“Shopping Bag”

Category: Banking // Financial Services
Client: BMO Bank of Montreal // SPC Card
Agency: Glitteration Crate
Media: TV

Communication Objective: To communicate to the target demographic the opportunity for an SPC discount card by opening a free student banking account with BMO Bank of Montreal.

Execution: Our adaptation for Quebec involved pleasing two clients. The script was reworked from scratch so that it would make sense with an existing tagline, with careful attention to the phrasing of the offer so that it would pass client’s legal approval. Voice direction focused on appealing to the energy of the 18-22 year old target audience.


“Start Looking”

Category: Genealogy // Online Services
Client: Ancestry.ca
Agency: Glitteration Crate
Media: TV, Banner Ads, Email Newsletter, Product Website

Communication Objective: To drive interest in researching family history through a trial offer.

Execution: In addition to translating the script and directing the talent for the TV spot, we adapted the campaign slogan so that it captured the warmth and spirit of discovery of the original. We worked closely with the agency’s production staff to ensure slogans and product names were accurate and consistent across all media throughout the length of the campaign and beyond.


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