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Narrations and voice acting

A selection of Sebastien Chorney's recent voice acting and narration work, in Canadian French and Canadian English.

Home studio equipment:

UAD Apollo Twin audio interface

Neumann TLM103 microphone

Pro Tools software (for editing/mixing)

Full suite of postproduction audio plugins

Can record virtually via Zoom or Source Connect

For a quick reply (quotes, availability, demo read):

Alternatively, via text message

+1 416 889 5085 (Eastern North America, GMT-4)

Please send a quick description of the script (length and desired tone/delivery) along with the intended use (web, broadcast) and I'll reply as quickly as possible.

Fever-Tree: About Us (Canadian French)

A 30-second commercial presenting the premium cocktail mixers brand and its no-compromise origin story, delivered in an upbeat tone.

Concussion Awareness (Canadian English)

An informational video for coaches, parents and sport teams narrated in a friendly, approachable tone.

Quality Improvement in Healthcare (Canadian French)

Aimed at healthcare professionals and administrators, this explainer video is delivered in an authoritative and friendly tone.

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